Community Gardens

Community Gardens

The City of Volga owns a community garden that residents of Volga are allowed to rent. Plots are $25 and are available by first come, first serve.

2024 Volga Community Garden Guidelines  The Volga Community Garden program was designed for community members without access to land or yards that are too small or too shady to have a bountiful garden.  We feel this is a great opportunity for our community!  People who choose to be community gardeners are expected to maintain their garden plots for the entire growing season and to clean their plots at the end of each growing season.   

Garden Details·    
Tilling.  The City will till the garden plots one time once the frost is out (usually sometime in May). ·        

Weed Control.  Each gardener is responsible for weed control in their plot.  Failure to keep weeds controlled will result in forfeit of your plot.   ·        

Soil Condition.  Gardeners are encouraged to make soil improvements in their plots, using organic materials such as lawn clippings and other compost.   ·        

Garden Agreement.  It is expected that if you choose to be a community gardener, you will commit to maintaining your plot for the ENTIRE growing season.  You must clean out your plot by Friday, October 11.  You will forfeit your plot if you fail to maintain your plot or fail to follow these guidelines.   ·        

Trash Removal.  Anything you bring into the garden sites, you are expected to carry out.  If you use inorganic weed control (such as landscape fabric) you are responsible for maintaining its appearance.  Please secure it to prevent it from flapping in the wind or flying away.  The same goes for milk jugs and other plant supports.  ALL materials must be removed from the garden at the end of the season.  Failing to remove materials will forfeit your plot for next year.  ·        

Garden Hours.  The gardens are officially closed from dusk until dawn.  Keep garden activities to daylight hours.   ·        

Watering.  Conservation is required.  Water is meant only for garden plants.  Please also keep hoses picked up when you are not at the gardens to keep them from getting run over by the mower. ·        

Neighborliness.  Be considerate.  Do not plant tall varieties in such a way that they would shade your neighbor’s plot.  Try to avoid planting approximately 12-18 inches from the edge of the garden plot to allow for plenty of walking area.  Also consider the placement of your vining plants so they stay within your garden plot.  Do not pick crops from another gardener’s plot without permission.  Also DO NOT remove or move the plot stakes.   ·        

Prohibitions.  Perennial plants, trees, building materials, and carpet are not allowed in the community gardens. 

Pets are not allowed in the Community Gardens. 

Interested in a garden plot or want to learn more? Give us a call at 605-627-9113 or send us a message.