South Dakota Lead Service Line Inventory

Get the Lead Out

Many Volga residents with homes built before 1987 will receive a letter and info sheet from the City of Volga regarding the Lead-Free SD project. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recently undertaken an initiative to locate and replace all lead pipes within the country’s drinking water systems. Lead from pipes can be absorbed into the water that comes into a home and can be harmful to one’s health.  Lead was outlawed in the use of water pipes in 1987.

Drinking water is free of lead when it leaves the water treatment plant—however, water can absorb lead if it travels through lead pipes on its way to your faucet. The majority of South Dakota water pipes are free of lead, but we need to find where lead lines still exist so they can be removed. 

As a part of this nationwide initiative, we are asking those in homes built prior to 1987 to check their pipes and report their results, regardless of what they find. If your home was built after 1987, when the lead ban took effect here in South Dakota, you do not have a lead service line and you may not be asked to provide further information.  However, if your home was built around or before 1987, we are looking to you.  Knowing where the lead lines are is just as important as knowing where they are not. 

Please take a quick survey to see if your home’s water pipe contains lead. Visit to take this step-by-step survey to identify and record the material of the water pipe coming into your home. 

You just need five minutes, a coin, a magnet, and a smartphone to test your pipe and help your community.  We encourage you to try out the electronic survey, but a paper copy is available at City Hall upon request.  Ask your grandkids, a neighbor, or a friend to help.  

Take the survey here.

 You’ll be asked to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Scratch the water pipe with a coin or tool to see if the scraped area is silver-colored and shiny.
  2. Check to see if a magnet sticks to the pipe—any magnet will do!
  3. Report your results at  Don’t forget to snap a photo of the pipe, and you’re done.

Documenting your pipe helps your family, your neighborhood, and your water provider. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes, but it can have a huge impact on community health and safety.  For more information and to get started on your survey, visit

By providing this information yourself, you are contributing to our efficiency and keeping our costs down.  By donating 5 minutes of your time, you are saving 30-60 minutes that it will take our staff to visit your home to complete the inventory of your water service line. Which, in turn, helps to keep your costs from increasing.  You are making a huge impact! 

If you receive a letter from the City, please complete the survey by March 31, 2024. Residents who do not receive a letter are still welcome to take the survey if they wish. Feel free to contact City Hall with any questions.

Resident Resources
Lead Free SD Info Sheet
Take the Online Survey Here
Print a Paper Copy of the Survey Here

Here is a short video that explains the project!

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