Electric Substation

The City of Volga owns its electric utility and serves all residents and businesses within city limits along with industries, businesses, and households just outside of city limits. The City of Volga purchases a fixed quantity of power from Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) with supplemental power purchased from Heartland Energy. Power is delivered to the City via East River Electric Power Cooperative.

Volga’s transmission system contains 3.4 miles of 69 kV transmission lines that connect to substations on the east and west sides of town. The East and West Substations are each separately fed by 69 kV radial transmission taps. Volga owns and operates the two substations to serve the City’s distribution load. The West Substation consists of one 69 kV dead-end terminal constructed of Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) bus. The West Substation was rebuilt in 2015 and does not have transmission backup. It can be back-fed through the distribution system to allow for some flexibility in back-feeding the distribution system at existing peak load levels. The West Substation has a maximum transformer capacity of 10,500 kVA and a projected 2027 summer loading of 4,722 kVA.

The East Substation was built in 1996 and consists of one 69 kV dead-end terminal constructed of ACSR bus. To provide overcurrent protection of the switchgear and circuits, electronic SEL-351A distribution relays were  installed. The control building has a 69 kV panel for control of the 69 kV circuit switcher and transformer along with space for an additional panel. East Substation has maximum transformer capacity of 14,000 kVA and a projected 2027 summer loading of 14,806 kVA.

Electric service is provided throughout the City at 12.47 kV. The distribution system includes seven circuits—five are fed from East Substation and two are fed from West Substation. The distribution system is almost entirely underground with the exception of 10 overhead under-built on the West Substation transmission line.

The City of Volga is currently constructing a new 69kV transmission line through Volga to connect our two substations. To learn more about this project, watch this video and read the description of the video.