Volga Development Corporation

Mission Statement
 "To foster a strong economic environment which supports businesses and nurtures growth and new investment in our region." 

The Volga Non-Profit Development Corporation is made up of individuals dedicated to to promoting and facilitating economic development and improving the quality of life in Volga by increasing the city's economic base. 

VDC Members
 Jordan Warne, President
 Clay Bastian, Vice President
 Lynette Nelson, Secretary/Treasurer
 Cade Cradduck
 John Heylens
 Jeremiah Larsen
 Erik Schlimmer
 Kim Chase
 Mallory Minor

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Interested in moving your business to Volga or purchasing land for your business? Contact Michael Schulte, City Administrator, to learn more at 605-627-9113.

 Volga Downtown Revitalization Program